My Research and Publications

I study how the rules governing “green” politics change when activists and states struggle for power, often linking environmental issue to other causes. I have studied such linkages between social issues (such as gender, labour, and justice) and global climate change politics.

I’m also keenly interested in the process of negotiations, inspired by my work as a writer for the Earth Negotiations BulletinIn this context, I am working on papers tracing the negotiations leading to the Paris Agreement on climate change as part of a collaborative project between UBC, University of Toronto, Oxford, and Sciences Po. Global governance of chemicals and wastes is central to our lives – from plastic Barbies to pesticides – these negotiations are unique in global environmental politics and currently the subject of collaborative papers about their ongoing “synergies” process.

Currently, I’m working on the concept of ecosystem services. How values are assigned the services provided by nature – and who uses and innovates this idea is under explored by political scientists. As part of the ValNat project, I’m helping to uncover the story of ecosystem services globally and in Canada.

In my work, I leverage insights from multiple methods, including social network analysis, interviews, archival research, and participant observation.

Academic Publications:

Allan, Jen Iris and Jennifer Hadden. 2017. “Exploring the Framing Power of NGOs in Global Climate Politics.” Environmental Politics 26 (4): 600-620.

Allan, Jen Iris. 2016. Chemicals Policy: Change: Uncertainty, Risk and Policy Change.” Encyclopedia of Public Administration and Public Policy, Third Edition

Allan, Jen Iris and Peter Dauvergne. 2013. “The Global South in Environmental Negotiations: The Politics of the Coalitions of REDD+” Third World Quarterly 34 (8): 1307-1322.

ENB Publications:

As part of the Earth Negotiations Bulletin team, I’ve attended over 25 negotiation sessions on climate change, chemicals and wastes and forests, totaling over 100 publications.

Selected Invited Talks:

IISD Briefing for Canadian Provincial and Territorial Ministers. “Marrakesh Briefing” planned for November 2016, during the COP.

SimonFraser University, CarbonTalks Dialogue. “Debrief from the Paris COP.” December 2015.

IISD Briefing for Canadian Provincial and Territorial Ministers. “The Paris COP, week one recap and look ahead to week two.” December, 2015, during the COP.

Williams College. “From Durban to Paris: What to Expect at COP 22.” November, 2015

SimonFraser University, CarbonTalks Dialogue. “The Paris COP – Expectations and (likely) Reality.” October, 2015