Five Advice Nuggets for New PhDs

Congratulations! You’ve earned a spot in a PhD program and are about to start on a new chapter in your professional life. I remember this time being exciting and confusing, particularly because I was coming from five years away from academia. In the early years, I stumbled around, finding my way.

Below are five advice nuggets for PhD students. Each one has tips from my own experience and crowd sourced from Twitter. We have the answers now, of course, because we’re on the other side of our dissertations. It’s easy to sit and dispatch advice. It’s a perk you’ll have one day too.

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Being a “First Gen” Grad Student

After the orientation to my MA program, I went home and googled “masters thesis.” Perhaps I didn’t “Google,” since the monster corp had yet to infiltrate the internet or our vernacular, but I certainly left my first day as a graduate student wondering what I was supposed to be doing.

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